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Samsung said in 15 countries found that 26 Note7 fire China – Sohu did not mention the false news Samsung mobile phone battery fire explosion event continues to ferment. According to the U.S. technology website ZDnet reports, local time September 21st, Samsung Corp said that since September 2nd on the official Galaxy Note7 mobile phone announced the recall, they received a report on the problem of mobile phone consumer countries, but they are found to 15 countries, 26 fire accidents, are suspected of false. According to the Samsung Corp’s statement, the 26 report, 12 cases did not detect any problem of mobile phone equipment, 7 can not get in touch with the report, there are 7 consumers revoked the accident report and claimed to have thrown away their mobile phone. There are 9 from the United States, South Korea, France, from 2 onwards, the United Kingdom, Canada, Singapore, Philippines, Turkey and other countries of the other 1 from the 12. In the Samsung official false case: a South Korean convenience store workers declared his Samsung mobile phone exploded on the Internet, but can not contact the person; Canada a user to find a Note7 fire photos on the Internet, pretending to be his mobile phone but it’s not a case of accident; in Singapore, consumers in the mobile phone has been unable to provide evidence on the grounds of throw away. South Korea’s Samsung Galaxy Note7 mobile phone in August 19th in the United States, South Korea and more than 10 countries on sale, the Chinese market is also officially sold in the mobile phone in September 1st. However, Galaxy Note7 mobile phone sales in the world in less than 10 days time after receiving a total of more than 35 users to reflect on the new phone charging heating, fire and even explosions and other issues. Forced market public opinion pressure, Samsung Electronics Division responsible person held a press conference in September 2nd and formally apologized, announced the recall of Galaxy Note7 mobile phones sold in the world. Currently, Samsung in Korea on September 19th local time start for the local sold about 400 thousand Note7 mobile phone replacement plan, on the day of replacement of about 20 thousand; the United States is scheduled to begin in September 21st recall of nearly 1 million Galaxy Note7 mobile phone plans such as execution. However, China is not on the list of recalls, Samsung’s explanation is that China’s mobile phone sales are used with the international version and the Korean version of the different batteries, there is no risk of explosion. But then China Galaxy Note7 explosion: September 18th -19, two (China) to buy domestic licensed version of Note7 users "you lucky Doll" and "meow star balls" in Baidu Post Bar posting said, himself in the Jingdong to buy Note 7 fires and explosions. In this regard, Samsung Chinese said in a statement published on September 19th, the company pay close attention to the recent Note 7 burning incident, "in September 18th, it Chinese media coverage of the event, we through the Samsung Electronics Research Institute, quality inspection departments to carry out a detailed analysis of the product, the product is damaged due to that external heating." .相关的主题文章:

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