Face the problem of child labor, otherwise how to solve vidalia

Face the problem of child labor, otherwise how to solve? Jiangsu Changshou City clothing processing point of the use of suspected child labor, it was not clear. After the scandal, Changshou City has implemented measures to control the exposure of the foreman, 4 children have been properly placed, there has been the investigation of thousands of factories. Then, some people began to accuse, the media hit the child labor, child labor in the future more miserable". Originally, the use of child labor is a chain of black interests: intermediary from Yunnan and other backward areas to child labor to the garment factory, the youngest only 13 years old, these children to work day and night, will not do a good job of being abused, do not get wages at the end of the year, factory owners also seized child ID card, bank card and mobile phone etc.. China’s "protection of Minors Act stipulates that any organization or individual may hire minors under the age of sixteen, otherwise it is illegal. Discipline not arrogate. Indeed, these children come from China’s backward areas, and their family’s poverty may sometimes be beyond the imagination of the people in the coastal areas. But this is not the reason for illegal use of child labor. The media is concerned about the problem of child labor, which is the focus of the whole society on poverty and drop out. That is the problem of child labor you expose, so you to solve the problem of child labor "argument, is the responsibility of media’s kidnapping, it confuses the poverty and poverty report, behind the" out of sight "indifference is worthy of vigilance. Child labor is an economic warning that economic prosperity cannot be achieved at the expense of the disadvantaged. The terrible thing is that the child labor intermediary said that the clothing factory is the child labor, what is behind it? Child labor is a civilization alert to a country, compared with the economic poverty, poverty is more frightening civilization. Some people think that media reports of harm the child, back home after they will worry about starving, like in the violent deterrence under the "work" is a kind of happiness. This is of course a. The fate of the child’s worries are not redundant, the first step is just to help the child reports of child labor, the future still have a lot to the community to help the work to be done, all this can not be achieved, even is a system engineering. But it must be said that if there is no society to face shocking child labor, all subsequent change is difficult to occur. Facing the problem of child labor, only meet the blade, seeking truth from facts, clarify sympathy empathy, behind poverty and dropout problem, will it be possible to find a good way for the child. So, in any case, do not ignore the child abuse and exploitation problems.相关的主题文章:

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