After the U.S. presidential election is now anti Chinese speech, the Chinese Consulate General to re yvette yates

After the U.S. presidential election the Anti China Rhetoric Chinese Consulate General reminded the students Caution! You Chinese students, visiting scholars, Chinese teachers and volunteers: the United States presidential election after the end, even Japan, including San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, the United States and more demonstrations broke out in parts of the city parade also turned into a riot, a people in the downtown arson, someone smashed shops, some people in the building painted slogans, some protesters angry to vent to the local focus of Chinese people, there are many anti China Rhetoric, some local Chinese students also encountered the situation being abused. Therefore, China Consulate General in San Francisco District China general education group to remind students, visiting scholars, Chinese teachers and volunteers must pay attention to protect themselves, to ensure their own safety, do not go to crowded places, away from the protests which do not crowd, avoiding the occurrence of a dispute with others. In case of emergency, please call the police immediately and contact the relevant departments of the museum. Consulate consular protection hotline: 415-852-5924 (working hours); 415-216-8525 (non working hours). The consul segment can also contact the education group:相关的主题文章:

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