Huxian women are sending money to liar, police arrived 40 thousand yuan to keep 真崎航迅雷资源

Huxian woman is liar money police rushed to 40 thousand yuan to keep the newspaper news (reporter Ge Lan) public security calls…… Suspected money laundering"…… Transfer fund freeze…… Otherwise it will be wanted…… Now, with the continuous disclosure of the media, such telecommunications fraud routine has been more and more people to see through, however, Ms. Zhang, Huxian still almost on the liar, when she is about to send money to the liar at the critical moment, the real police appear in front. Yesterday morning, Ms. Zhang county residents suddenly received a phone call, the other end of the phone, a man claiming to be the staff of the Shanghai Municipal People’s Procuratorate, told Ms. Zhang suspected of "money laundering", must be the funds transferred to the procuratorate public account frozen, otherwise it will be the most wanted man and told her not to tell. No matter who. Ms. Zhang, who believed it, didn’t dare to tell anyone about it. "The staff also provided me with a web site claiming that there was an arrest warrant for me." Ms. Zhang said, helpless, she can only in accordance with the URL provided by the other side to open the link, you really see an arrest warrant, which has its own personal information and photos. When she saw the clear information and her credentials, Ms. Zhang was very afraid, and she quietly took her 40 thousand yuan postal savings card out of the door. She could not answer the phone call from her family. To the office of postal savings business hall, Huxian. While Ms. Zhang queued to prepare remittances, met the police who were looking for her. At first, the face of police interrogation, ready to send money to Ms. Zhang until the police made it clear that avoid being seen, the means of fraud and typical cases, she came to understand it, I was really suffered a telecommunications fraud. Huxian police station police station police investigators told reporters yesterday, the 17 day, the police on duty received telecommunications fraud warning clues forwarded by the higher authorities, clues show that the District 27 year old Ms. Zhang, is being Telecom fraud phone harassment. Urgent! Police immediately divided into two, the police all the way in the town of all financial outlets to intercept, while the other police rushed to Ms. Zhang’s home. However, when the police arrived at his house, but learned that Ms. Zhang has to go out and disappear without a trace, no one answered the phone. When the police and their families anxiously looking for Ms. Zhang, the police station in the ancestral temple to intercept the police came the news, Ms. Zhang has been found, and successfully blocked its remittance. "A total of 40 thousand, ready to remit all the money to the so-called" Shanghai city procuratorate "". Ms. Zhang said, fortunately, the police arrived in time, to avoid the 40 thousand yuan savings cheated. Police remind the public, encountered similar events, do not believe, not to disclose their personal information, if you have any questions, you can dial 110 consultation at any time. If deceived or relatives, friends cheated, should immediately report to the public security departments, and actively assist the police to solve the case.

户县女子正向骗子汇钱民警赶到 4万元保住   本报讯(记者葛兰)公检法来电……涉嫌“洗黑钱”……转移资金冻结……否则将被通缉……,如今,随着媒体的不断披露,此类电信诈骗套路已被越来越多的市民所识破,然而户县的张女士仍差点上了骗子的当,就在她即将给骗子汇钱的关键时刻,真正的警察出现在面前。   昨日上午,家住户县的张女士突然接到一个电话,电话的另一端,一名男子声称自己是上海市检察院工作人员,告知张女士涉嫌“洗黑钱”,必须将其资金转移至检察院公共账户内冻结,否则将被全国通缉,并告诉她不能告诉任何人此事。   信以为真的张女士,没敢把这个消息告诉任何人。“这位工作人员还向我提供了一个网址,声称里面有关于我的逮捕令。”张女士说,无奈的她只能按照对方提供的网址打开链接,果然看到了一张逮捕令,里面有自己的个人信息和照片。   看到明明白白的信息和自己的证件照,张女士非常害怕,便悄悄拿着自己存有4万多元的邮政储蓄卡出了门,中途家人打来的电话她也不敢接听。到了户县祖庵镇邮政储蓄营业厅。而就在张女士排队准备汇款时,遇到了正在寻找她的民警。   起初,面对民警的询问,准备汇钱的张女士躲躲闪闪,直到民警讲明了其中的诈骗手段和典型案例时,她才明白过来,自己真的是遭遇了电信诈骗。户县公安局祖庵派出所办案民警昨告诉记者,17日当天,值班民警收到上级部门转发的电信诈骗预警线索,线索中显示,辖区27岁的张女士,正在被电信诈骗电话骚扰。   刻不容缓!民警立即兵分两路,一路民警在祖庵镇所有金融营业网点进行拦截,同时另一路民警迅速赶赴张女士家中。然而当民警到达其家中时,却得知张女士已出门不知去向,且电话无人接听。就在民警与其家属焦急寻找张女士时,在祖庵镇邮局进行拦截的民警传来消息,已将张女士找到,并成功阻止了其汇款。   “一共4万,准备全部汇款给所谓的‘上海市检察院’”。张女士说,幸好民警及时赶到,避免了造成4万元积蓄被骗。   民警提醒市民,遇到类似事件,不要轻信,更不要透露自己的个人信息,如有疑问,可随时拨打110咨询。如果上当受骗或亲戚、朋友被骗,应立即向公安部门报案,积极协助警方破案。相关的主题文章:

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