The paper folded straight from the aircraft to fly 40 meters! Ningbo Zhang Xiaoyu flying amazing 冷公主的霸道王子

The paper folded straight from the aircraft to fly 40 meters! Ningbo to stunt yesterday, "lottery Cup" China · Ningbo paper airplane race was held at the International Convention and Exhibition center. More than four thousand middle school students participated in this event, Yuyao City Vocational and Adult Education Center School Zhang Xiaoyu paper plane straight line distance of 40 meters champion, achievement. The day is the Ningbo city paper plane Grand Prix 10th anniversary days, Ningbo model Radio Sports Association staff filled with a thousand regrets. But from the first four hundred people to participate in the 2011 CCTV "peak" column, then upgraded to · China; Ningbo paper airplane challenge, the largest number of participants reached as many as six thousand people. The Secretary General of the association Zhu Bo hopes that the paper plane can carry with children colorful dreams set sail, fly farther. Yuyao huangjiabu school through the layers of selection, sent 15 grade seven or eight students. Science teacher strict teacher is a former English teacher, he said: "the model of Radio Sports Association every year to teacher training, I come back to school, to teach children. This activity after promotion, children especially love. Last year we have won 123 prize." This year although the rising strength of other schools, huangjiabu school not so prominent, "is also good, every project is in the top six children." Strict teacher for the children cheer, next year. The game consists of four items: paper, paper folding plane plane blank time distance, paper plane linear target shooting, paper plane surfing. The game lasted one day, Zhang Xiaoyu from Yuyao in the paper plane straight line distance project stunt. In his first flight, flying 60 meters out of good results, but unfortunately fell on the right boundary of a palm distance, the results are not. The second flight Qiuwen, he still flies out of the whole 40 meters far good results, won the first prize. The rain actually told reporters his practice paper plane is not a long time, the key is usually good love sports, "and confident, believe in yourself is the best plane!"


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