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[material sports]09 recommended: Welsh home court victory over the period Monday morning Beijing time, World Cup third round continues to expand the wonderful competition, which led by Baer Welsh in the home court against European teams in georgia. The two teams fought two times, Welsh two games are negative, but are relatively long ago, now Welsh has shrunk, the team is currently ranked ninth in the world, this summer’s European Cup is in not to be optimistic about the situation, to the European Cup semi-finals, showing its dark horse posture, in front of general Baer can play well, repeatedly meritorious deeds. The last round of group phase, Welsh draw away Austria good strength, currently 1 wins and 1 draws from the top. Georgia is currently ranked 139 in the world, after two rounds of group games only got 1 points, nearly 6 games 1 wins, 1 draws and 4 losses, averaging 2 conceded goals, the state is worrying. The guest home court performance of powerful Welsh, I’m afraid is fraught with grim possibilities. In terms of the Asian plate, the major institutions have opened to the main half of the ball to the super low water, showing the strength of the two teams greater difference. William’s initial compensation of 1.29, 4.50, 10, now adjusted to 1.30, 5, 13, negative compensation relative to other mainstream institutions, high open obvious, visible for the strength of Georgia, William did not show too much good. Comprehensive situation, is the battle Welsh home victory may be expected.

[有料体育]09日推荐:威尔士主场大胜可期   北京时间周一凌晨,世预赛第三轮继续展开精彩角逐,其中由贝尔领衔的威尔士将在主场迎战欧洲弱旅格鲁吉亚。两队交战两次,威尔士两战皆负,不过相隔年代较为久远,如今的威尔士已今非昔比,球队目前排名世界第9,今夏欧洲杯更是在并不被看好的情况下,杀进欧洲杯四强赛,展现了其黑马姿态,阵中大将贝尔发挥堪称出色,屡屡建功。上一轮小组赛,威尔士客场战平实力不俗的奥地利,目前1胜1平暂居榜首。   格鲁吉亚目前世界排名139位,小组赛两轮过后仅仅拿到1分,近6场比赛1胜1平4负,场均失球数达到2个,状态着实令人堪忧。此番做客主场表现强悍的威尔士,恐怕是凶多吉少。   亚盘方面,各大机构纷纷开到主让球半超低水,显示出了两队较大的实力差。威廉初赔1.29 4.50 10.00,现时调整至1.30 5.00 13.00,负赔相对其他主流机构,高开明显,可见对于实力不济的格鲁吉亚,威廉并没有显示出太多利好。综合各方态势,是役威尔士主场大胜可期。相关的主题文章:

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