Nanyang 95 after three days and then robbed the guy out of jail 5 times 黑龙江大学伊春分校

Nanyang 95 after the boy was released from prison three days and then robbed 5 times imprisonment newspaper (reporter Zheng Lei correspondent Liu Fei) for theft has been sentenced to 5 times 21 year old man Zhang, third days after release from prison, together with others robbery, the result was arrested by the police. In September 13th, for the theft of sentenced Zhang was released from prison, this is his fifth time in prison. In September 15th, Zhang met two nickname called "baby" and "yellow" in jujube forest street cafe. That night, Zhang two people said he and the people there, "baby" and "yellow" promised to help him. In the early morning of 16, Zhang took a boy to an alley near the Internet bar. Seeing nobody under four, Zhang et al took out a dagger from his pocket, threatening the boy to hand out his wallet and cell phone. Forced, the boy handed over more than 100 dollars in his wallet to zhang. Zhang and others also found bank cards from their wallets, forcing the boy to withdraw 900 yuan of cash from the nearby self-service bank and robbed the boy’s cell phone. When leaving, three people forced the boy again, not to call the police. At noon that day, the victim chose to call the police. In from September 20th to 25th, Zhang and other 3 people have been arrested by the police. At present, three people were arrested for criminal detention in accordance with law. 3 (Nanyang Evening News)

南阳95后小伙出狱三天再抢劫 曾5次入狱本报讯(记者郑 磊 通讯员刘 斐)因盗窃先后已经被判刑5次的21岁男子张某,在出狱后的第3天,又伙同他人进行抢劫,结果又被警方抓获。9月13日,因盗窃被判刑的张某刑满出狱,这已是他第五次坐牢。9月15日,张某在枣林街一网吧内认识了两个绰号分别叫“小娃”和“黄毛”的人。当晚,张某对二人说自己与人有仇,“小娃”和“黄毛”答应帮他出气。16日凌晨,张某将一个男孩带到网吧附近的一个小巷内。看到四下无人,张某等人从口袋里掏出匕首,威胁男孩把钱包和手机交出来。被逼之下,男孩将钱包里的100多块钱交给张某。张某等人又从钱包里找到银行卡,胁迫男孩到附近的自助银行取出了900元现金,并抢走了男孩的手机。离开时,三人再次逼迫男孩不许报警。当天中午,受害人选择了报警。9月20日至25日,张某等3人相继被警方抓获。目前,三人因涉嫌抢劫被依法刑事拘留。④3(南阳晚报)相关的主题文章:

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