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Jiangxi Yichun: "new year" by the difficulties of the masses emergency relief society people.com.cn people.com.cn February 5 Nanchang Xinhua (Wu Qiqiang, Li Tiegang) "thank the party and the government, thank you, we have a phone, you have brought so many new things." Jiangxi City camphor tree Yichun city community Sun Jianhua said emotionally. In February 4th, the community cadres came to his house early in the morning and sent him rice, cooking oil and pork for the new year. The 39 year old Sun Jianhua, fathered twin daughters, had a happy family, but was a sudden misfortune to break, in October last year, he was diagnosed with uremia, as a "pillar", not only can not make money, but also dig money, home life suddenly became stretched. The Spring Festival is approaching, to ensure that the area of life is indeed difficult to Chinese new year people had a happy and peaceful Spring Festival, Yichun city launched a "new year" difficult life of the masses emergency relief work in time. From January 29th to February 22nd, the city government allocated special funds, according to every 30 pounds of rice, 10 pounds of edible oil, 5 pounds of pork standard for emergency aid to poor masses. "Our purpose is the difficulties of the masses of conventional social assistance not covered by the emergency relief, the main object has three kinds, one is suffering from serious diseases caused by life difficult and did not get regular assistance or pension, two natural disasters accidents cause serious difficulties in basic living temporarily and other social assistance the system of being difficult to implement, three other special reasons for basic living temporarily difficult." Yichun Municipal Bureau of Civil Affairs Director Min Zhenpeng said. In order to rescue the city began to work known to every family, issued an emergency relief work notice from January 20th, the relief scope, rescue procedures, rescue time, rescue hotline etc., sent to the county (city, district), township (street), posted to the village (neighborhood) committee. At the same time, in the local news media an important forum and primetime broadcast continuous relief announcement, really do not stay dead, full coverage. The city set up a special receiving aid platform to open a 24 hour service channel, the difficulties of the masses can rescue application by telephone, network, mail, home etc.. "Once received the application, we immediately organized township (street) and village (neighborhood committee) to verify the application assistance, after verification with relief conditions, to ensure that within 3 working days of relief supplies issued in place." Li Longqi, deputy investigator of the Municipal Bureau of civil affairs, said. As of now, the city received a total of 1214 letters, calls for help, the door for help aid the needy 926 households, 1247 households, a total payment of 37380 pounds of rice, edible oil, 12460 pounds, 6230 pounds of pork.   江西宜春:“过年难”困难群众获紧急救助–社会–人民网 人民网南昌2月5日电(吴齐强、李铁刚) “真是感谢党和政府,感谢你们,我们一个电话,你们就送来了这么多过年的东西。”江西省宜春市樟树药市社区孙建华动情地说。2月4日,社区干部一大早就来到他家,给他送来了过年用的大米、食用油和猪肉。今年39岁的孙建华,育有一对双胞胎女儿,原本一个美满幸福的家庭,却被一场突如其来的变故给打破,去年10月他被查出患有尿毒症,作为家里的“顶梁柱”,不仅不能赚钱养家,而且还要掏钱治病,家里生活一下子变得捉襟见肘了。 春节临近,为确保全市辖区内生活确有困难无法过年的群众过个欢乐祥和的春节,宜春市及时启动了“过年难”困难群众生活紧急救助工作。从1月29日至2月22日,由市财政安排专项资金,按照每户30斤大米、10斤食用油、5斤猪肉的标准,对困难群众进行紧急救助。 “我们的目的是对常规社会救助覆盖不到的困难群众进行紧急救助,救助的对象主要有三类,一是患重大疾病造成生活较大困难且未获得定期救助或抚恤的,二是自然灾害等意外事故导致基本生活暂时出现严重困难且其他社会救助制度暂时难以实施的,三是其他特殊原因导致基本生活暂时出现较大困难的。” 宜春市民政局局长闵振鹏介绍说。 为了让救助工作家喻户晓,该市从1月20日就开始发布紧急救助工作公告,将救助对象范围、救助程序、救助时限、救助热线电话等内容,下发到各县(市、区)、各乡镇(街道),张贴到各村(居)委会。与此同时,在当地新闻媒体重要版面和黄金时段连续刊播救助公告,真正做到不留死角、全面覆盖。 该市专门设立了受理救助平台,开辟24小时服务通道,困难群众可通过电话、网络、信件、上门等多种方式进行救助申请。“一旦接到群众申请,我们就立即组织乡镇(街道)、村(居)委会核实申请救助对象的情况,经核实符合救助条件的,确保在3个工作日内救助物资发放到位。”该市民政局副调研员李隆琪说。截至目前,全市共受理电话求助 1214户,来信、上门求助926户,救助困难群众 1247户,累计发放大米37380 斤,食用油12460 斤,猪肉6230斤 。 相关的主题文章:

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