Luxemburg shut the knife SMG unable to stop the Swedish victory over Belgium Bosnia and Herzegovina 闯关东中篇演员表

Off knife competition color: Luxemburg unable to block Sweden, Belgium victory over Bosnia and Herzegovina pass knife competition color (Friday 010) Luxemburg VS Sweden opener Bulgaria, Luxemburg lost no surprise, but it was able to score 3 goals away, it is impressive. The first draw in Holland is significant in Sweden regret, the team’s overall strength is still not. The two teams had no intersection, the strength to occupy the upper hand in Sweden is still optimistic about the Gambling company, the average price of 9.92 5.23 1.29 in Luxemburg lost to Bulgaria, but after the 3 goal has improved, but only slightly, Luxemburg perennial rare win for Bulgaria obviously difficult to break again belongs to the flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum, the chance to lose when in Sweden, home court reasonable, Sweden at a greater chance of wearing plate, let the ball wins worth behind. [015] VS of Belgium Belgium Bosnia on FIFA was ranked first, but in the European Cup performance Tuzeng ear jokes, warm up before the start of the qualifier is 0 than the 2 defeat to the lineup is not the whole of Spain, but also for their own impression less, even if the first round win in Cyprus, also failed to give enough confidence. Bosnia Herzegovina first round 5 to 0 easier to beat Estonia, showing a good state. The average price of 1.39 4.47 7.41 after the triumph in Belgium away to re-establish confidence in the European red devils, even the black wave score wins also support the home team, Asia chupan directly to a ball ball half deep plate, Belgium is worth promising victory over the period. 16152 any nine preliminary plan: 1, France VS Bulgaria = 312, Luxemburg VS, Holland VS Belarus Sweden = 03 = 315, VS = 39, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, England, Montenegro Kazakhstan VS = 310 VS = 311 Malta, Germany VS Czech, Poland VS = 3112, VS = 3113 in Denmark Scotland Lithuania = 31 on the recommendation please pay attention to close the knife WeChat public number guanxiaoweixin (Guan Xiaodao)

关小刀竞彩:卢森堡无力挡瑞典 比利时大胜波黑 关小刀竞彩   【周五010】卢森堡VS瑞典   首战保加利亚,卢森堡输球不出意料,但竟然能够客场打进3粒进球,令人刮目相看。瑞典首战逼平荷兰则是显遗憾,球队的整体实力仍是不可小视。两队此前并无交集,实力占据绝对上风的瑞典仍被博彩公司看好,平均赔率9.92 5.23 1.29在卢森堡输给保加利亚,但取得3粒进球之后有所提升,但幅度不大,卢森堡常年难得一胜,对保加利亚显然属于昙花一现,对瑞典难有再度破门的机会,主场输球当在情理之中,瑞典客战打穿上盘的机会较大,让球胜值得力挺。   【周五015】比利时VS波黑   比利时一度排名FIFA第一,但在欧洲杯上的表现徒增笑料耳,预选赛开始前的热身也是0比2完败给阵容不整的西班牙,更是为自己印象减分,即使首轮客场战胜塞浦路斯,也未能给人足够的信心。波黑首轮5比0轻松战胜爱沙尼亚,表现出不错的状态。平均赔率1.39 4.47 7.41在比利时客场凯旋之后重新树立起对欧洲红魔的信心,即使波黑大比分获胜也同样力挺主队,亚洲初盘直接给到一球 球半的深盘,比利时还是值得看好,大胜可期。   16152期任九初步方案:   1、法国VS保加利亚=31   2、卢森堡VS瑞典=0   3、荷兰VS白俄罗斯=31   5、比利时VS波黑=3   9、黑山VS哈萨克=3   10、英格兰VS马耳他=3   11、德国VS捷克=31   12、波兰VS丹麦=31   13、苏格兰VS立陶宛=31   临场推荐请关注关小刀微信公众号guanxiaoweixin   (关小刀)相关的主题文章:

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