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The Rockets in the camp of 11 couples held Gala scene wedding – Sohu Military Channel text with map: speaking on behalf of the bride. Fiery barracks, different taste of the year. In February 5th 20, the Rockets in a trip to the auditorium decorated, the brigade directed and starred in the Spring Festival Gala kicked off. At this moment, from the launch site in the entrance hall waiting, fatigued with the journey back some even deputy commander Jia Xiaodong not be nervous, sometimes at the table, and look to the side of his wife. The next program, he will join hands with 10 comrades in arms, become the protagonist of the stage. "Below into the evening special part — collective wedding, please 11 pairs of new people debut."!" Host Carter, warm "Wedding March" sounded, 11 holding roses, the groom and the bride wearing a wedding came together ten, turn onto the stage. The brigade leader told reporters, 11 officers and soldiers for the implementation of major military tasks to miss the wedding, are the backbone of the business and training top, 11 special forces to the bride held a collective wedding ceremony, is to make up for their regret. Without the magnificence of the hotel, there is a glorious testimony of the flag; there is no candlelight romance; but the sincere blessing of comrades in arms. When the host asked if she would like to be a Junsao, shy bride in a firm: "I would like to!" "The real soldier, you jumped on the wind and rain, I was the most safe news in your family."……" 11 brides, an affectionate wife, pushed the party to a climax. Technical battalion sergeant Ji Zhitian’s wife Han Cuifang on behalf of the bride said: "I delight to stand here, because I have a husband when Junsao soldiers protect our homes and defend our country, although bitter and tired, but I have no regrets!" 11 pairs of newlyweds, married couples have been several pairs. Zhang Yongjie and his wife have been born for 4 months, a wedding ceremony. He got married in a hurry because he had a job, and he didn’t even shoot his wedding dress." Wife Wang Feifei and Zhang Yongjie have known each other for 4 years, but the time they spend together is less than 4 months. The eighty-eighth hospital nurses and secondary rotary brigade health team medic Fan Xuehang licensing for more than a year, because of love most of the time out in the field, the wedding has been stranded. "Although she was very supportive of me, I felt guilty, and this trip was our dream."." Fan Xuehang looked at his wife affectionately. The night wore on, the distance of the Chinese New Year firecrackers camp as one falls, another rises the sweet and warm night.

火箭军举办军营春晚 11对新人现场进行婚礼-搜狐军事频道 原文配图:新娘代表发言。   火热的军营,别样的年味。   2月5日20时,火箭军某旅大礼堂张灯结彩,该旅官兵自编自导自演的春节联欢晚会拉开序幕。   此时此刻,从发射场风尘仆仆归来、在礼堂入口候场的某连副连长贾晓栋不由紧张起来,时而瞄向台上,时而瞅向身边的妻子。下一个节目,他将和10名战友携手身边的爱人,成为舞台的主角。   “下面进入晚会特别环节――集体婚礼,有请11对新人闪亮登场!”主持人话音刚落,温馨的《婚礼进行曲》响起,11名英武的新郎与手捧玫瑰、身披婚纱的新娘十指相扣,依次走上舞台。   旅领导告诉记者,11名因执行重大军事任务错过婚期的官兵,都是业务骨干和训练尖子,把11位新娘专门请到部队举办集体婚礼,就是为了弥补他们的遗憾。   没有酒店的富丽堂皇,但有军旗的光荣见证;没有烛光的浪漫情景,但有战友的真诚祝福。当主持人问是否愿意当一名军嫂时,新娘们羞怯中透着坚定:“我愿意!”   “真正的军人,你扑向了风雨,我是你家中最平安的消息……”11位新娘一曲情深意切的《妻子》,把晚会推向高潮。   技术营上士纪志天的妻子韩翠芳代表新娘发言时说:“我喜悦地站在这里,是因为我有一位保家卫国的军人丈夫,当军嫂虽然苦累,但我无怨无悔!”   11对新人中,结婚的已有好几对。旅组织科干事张永杰夫妇的宝宝已出生4个月,就差一个婚礼仪式。“当时他因有任务结婚很匆忙,连婚纱照都没拍。”妻子王菲菲和张永杰相识4年,可在一起的时间加起来还不到4个月。   第88医院护士仲旋与旅卫生队军医范雪行领证一年多,因爱人多半时间在外执行任务,婚礼一直被搁浅。“虽然她很支持我,但心里还是挺愧疚的,这次旅里圆了我们的梦。”范雪行深情地看着妻子。   夜色渐浓,远处迎新春的爆竹声此起彼伏,军营的夜甜蜜而温馨。相关的主题文章:

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