Pole load over 30 cables, 3 poles tired down fast lane (video) 佟家三少

Load cable 3 30 ultra pole pole "tired" fast lane yesterday morning, Xi Huan Jian Road chapter Longhai railway tunnel along the bridge, 3 root hung cable wire rod, overwhelmed, breaking ground stopped from east to west a fast lane only, but fortunately did not cause human car loss. Despite the traffic police and municipal departments to quickly dredge, repair, but the early peak of the construction of Zhang road is still blocked a mess. 3 poles of each load over 30 cables at 9 o’clock in the morning reporter on the scene saw the downed power lines for the cement material, isolation barrier located in the chapter road Longhai Railway Bridge on the west side of the fast lane tunnel and non motorized vehicles. Each pole is about 10 meters high, about 20 centimeters in diameter, and there is a street lamp on each pole. And the cable less than 3 meters from the top of the wire rod, one bundle tied up, more than 30 roots. Found the pole fell on the ground, the area police departments were temporary traffic control on the road, because of a diversion bypass, West Sanhuan Road, bridge and Road overpass construction chapter from south to north direction of the whole traffic is large. Site repair Feng Dong municipal staff told reporters: "these poles early only 4 lighting line, later due to no street lighting, municipal installation of a street lamp in each pole. And the unauthorized communication cable "ride" is also hanging on the pole, the pole is finally overwhelmed broken. As for the cable lift, we always meet. Today we have been reported to the CMC, the CMC will inform the specific operators in the letter, to remove the cable, "ride" forbidden line." "Spider web" when it can no longer in a hidden due to the location of the incident is just under the railway bridge in exports, the reporter on the scene and therefore failed to find witnesses. The scene is a traffic police suggested: "I hope the relevant departments as soon as possible to put these cables buried underground, or the poles pulled down, hit people would be late." A few months ago, the media reported that Xi’an outside the east gate of persimmon park on the road, crossing the cable suspended due to heavy, have to rely on a few pole, vehicles and pedestrians walk through the bamboo, signs of danger appearing everywhere. The reporter learned that, 10 years ago, Xi’an began a large-scale aerial cable into the work, in January 2013, four City Founder announced some specific problems in the meticulous management of environmental protection, urban management, municipal departments of the implementation schedule, including the municipal department for communication pipeline construction with new, renovation and expansion with the same road planning, design, with construction, establish aerial cable patrol management system, the basic completion of urban primary and secondary roads and some branches overhead cable 3 years landing task. The reporter Li Jia (Shaanxi metropolis – Shaanxi network) Note: the video is only extended reading. A large area blackout occurred in the town of Longhai due to the lodging of trees and the breaking of a plurality of poles and poles

电杆负载超30根线缆 3根电杆“累倒”快车道  昨天一大早,西安西三环建章路陇海铁路桥下穿隧道沿上,3根挂满线缆的电线杆,不堪重负,断裂倒地拦住了自东向西仅有的两个快车道,所幸未造成人车损失。尽管交警和市政部门迅速疏导、抢修,但早高峰的建章路仍堵得一塌糊涂。  3根电线杆每根负载超30根线缆  上午9时许记者在现场看到,倒地的电线杆为水泥材质,位于建章路陇海铁路桥桥下隧道西侧快车道与非机动车道的隔离护栏上。每根电线杆高约10米,直径20厘米左右,每个电线杆上有一盏路灯。而距电线杆顶端不到3米的线缆,一根根并列成捆,超过30根。发现电线杆倒地后,辖区交警部门对该路段进行了临时交通管制,因绕行分流,西三环阿房一路、三桥立交及建章路自南向北方向整体车流量较大。  现场抢修的沣东市政工作人员告诉记者:“这些电线杆初期仅有4条照明线,后来由于此处无路灯照明,市政在每个电线杆上安装了一盏路灯。而未经审批的通信电缆‘搭车’也挂在电线杆上,电线杆最终不堪重负断了。对于线缆‘搭车’情况,我们往常也遇到。今天的情况我们已上报管委会,管委会将以公函方式告知具体运营商,及时移走线缆,禁止‘搭车’挂线。”  “蜘蛛网”何时能入地不再成隐患  由于事发位置恰好处于铁路桥下穿出口,因此记者在现场并未能找到目击者。现场一位正在疏导交通的交警建议:“希望相关部门尽快把这些电缆埋到地下,要不然再把电线杆拽倒,砸了人可就晚了。”  数月前,有媒体报道,西安东门外柿园路上,悬空过街的电缆由于太重,不得不靠几根竹竿撑着,车辆行人穿行于竹竿之间,险象环生。记者了解到,10年前西安就开始了大规模的架空线缆入地工作,2013年1月,市四城联创办公布了环保、城管、市政等部门在精细化管理中的一些具体问题的落实时间表,其中就包括市政部门要求通信管道的建设随新、改、扩建道路同规划、同设计、同施工,建立架空线缆巡视管理制度,3年内基本完成城区主次干道及部分支路架空线缆落地任务。  文 图本报记者李佳(三秦都市报 – 三秦网)注:视频仅为扩展阅读。 龙海紫泥镇树木倒伏压断电线 多根电杆倒杆致全镇大面积停电相关的主题文章:

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