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Say these words to be careful not to give you money, Hainan channel — original title: auto insurance report said these words carefully, not a penny to your friends when you are still in the auto insurance report, simply for car insurance on your car, no matter what the accident, the insurance company will give you compensation? In recent years, while being exclusions bear their own losses are not too much oh. In this case, the insurance company will not pay for it. All right, take out your notebooks and jot them down! Situation 1: "the car lights are lost" except for the headlights, such as the rearview mirror, tires and other single damage is not compensable. Don’t think it will all pay to buy insurance. Situation two: "two days have happened" attention, attention, traffic accident occurred within 48 hours did not promptly report the insurance, the insurance company will not pay. In addition, natural disasters such as earthquakes, typhoons, tsunamis and so on, if these losses caused, do not lose. Situation three: the driver’s license was lost. When you drive, if your driver’s license is lost or replaced, in any case, if you have no driver’s license period, what accident happened to your car, the insurance company will not pay. Situation four: "the car is repaired, this is the invoice, reimbursement," the car was repaired, it means that the collision evidence is gone. No evidence, who will reimburse it? So, don’t go to the insurance company before the car is repaired, before you get it! Situation five: "the car fell off the lifting machine." what does this mean? That is, any damage or damage caused by the vehicle during maintenance, and the insurance company does not pay for it. Situation six: "the engine water and then the spark will be scrapped." after the two ignition caused damage to the engine, the insurance company is not compensable. Because the insurance company believes that this is the owner of their own fault operation led to. So, when the water after flameout, don’t go to ignition, should immediately call the trailer to drag the car away. (commissioning editor Dou Ming and Wu Xiaoqin)

车险报案时说这些话小心不赔钱给你–人民网海南频道–人民网       原标题:车险报案时说这些话 小心一分钱都不给你   朋友们,你们还在单纯地以为给爱车上了全险,无论你们的车出现什么事故,保险公司都会给你们赔偿吗?   最近这几年,被拒赔而自己承担损失的人不要太多哦。有这么几种情况,保险公司基本是不会赔的。好了,拿出小本本,记下来吧!   情况一:“车灯丢了”   除了车灯以外,像倒车镜、轮胎等单独破损都是不会赔的。千万别以为买了全险就全都会赔。   情况二:“已经发生两天了”   注意啦注意啦,交通事故发生48小时内未及时报险的,保险公司是不会赔的。另外,像地震、台风、海啸等自然灾害,若是这些造成的损失,也不赔。   情况三:“驾照丢了”   开车的时候,如果你的驾驶证丢了,或是在更换,总之就是在你没有驾照的这段时间,你的车要是出了什么事故,保险公司也不会赔。   情况四:“车修好了,这是发票,报销吧”   车修好了,便意味着碰撞证据没了。没了证据,谁来报销呢?所以啊,千万别在车修好后去找保险公司,得在之前!   情况五:“车从举升机上摔下来了”   这句话的意思呢,就是说车在维修期间造成的任何损伤、毁坏,保险公司都不赔。   情况六:“发动机进水再打火就报废了”   涉水后二次点火导致发动机损坏,保险公司是不赔的。因为保险公司认为这是车主自己失误操作导致的。所以,当涉水时熄火后,不要再去点火,应立即叫拖车将车子拖走。               (责编:窦明、吴晓琴)相关的主题文章:

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