Shanghai shared bike to grow electric cars cut line stealing battery and others for destruction (vid 一粒沙刘佳杰

Shanghai electric bike sharing was cut line growth such as destruction of shared bicycle battery to steal the growing electric vehicle was also damaged bike sharing can be said to be a very stylish way to travel today, in addition to the "Mobell" brand, a kind of electric bicycle called "enjoy the ride", also joined the big family bike sharing. However, as Mobell and, it also failed to escape by stealing and destroying the fate. "Electric bicycle maintenance personnel enjoy the ride" is considered the destruction of car repair, these cars have is artificially secretly locked, is a public private car, just want to own a person every day, do not want to share with you. Enjoy the ride in the headquarters, dozens of electric bicycles from various outlets shipped are waiting for repair, some cushion disappeared, some battery was stolen, some wire is cut off, and the two-dimensional code is destroyed. Maintenance personnel said that the maintenance of the average down every day, one, twenty, 5% almost man-made damage. Enjoy riding in April this year, starting from Minhang. The relative Mobell bicycle to solve the last mile, it can be said that to solve the last ten kilometers". The average cost is 2 yuan per hour. Some of the users were outraged when the car was damaged. Users say this kind of behavior is shameful, especially immoral. Public facilities should always be taken care of, because we all need to use it! Operators said, in fact, each car body is equipped with GPS chip and 4G network chip, can be clearly positioned. On this map, all the red dots represent cars in unusual condition. Some are already in Baoshan, Jinshan and other areas, completely beyond the scope of use. Shanghai enjoy riding the electric car service Co. Ltd technical director Huang Qi said: "as far as Baoshan, the Jiading side, we have to go over, but also some distant, may go to Anhui to go, we can’t catch back, can call the police." Next year, enjoy riding will be distributed in Shanghai, more than 200 thousand electric bicycles. In the face of part of the user’s black hand, operators also have countermeasures. Shanghai enjoy riding the electric car service company limited assistant chairman Zhao Yuanhao told reporters: "look at the news Knews say we should reinforce the lock of the battery, wires to buried in the car, do not give you the opportunity to cut, the tire replaced all solid tyre." "" "Shanghai today recommended: Shanghai 2017 Medicare and rural residents continue to increase government investment adjustment: 23000 weather Qingnuan drive" garden hot "temperature of Shanghai" diving at next week’s show hall "the boss owed wages of more than 160 women jailed for take 9 Medicare card prescription and then sold the cumulative amount of more than 16 in Shanghai man eating fried grasshopper severe allergic vomiting risk they" "" wonderful video Webcast: hair can also get rich India Temple monopoly hair make $160 million a year after the 00 followers of Eason Chan and Jay Chou’s concert cover Faye Wong Hu Geyang power with rare whisper: "the box Senzo" short poems fingertips, at any time the illegal traffic! Sweep down the two-dimensional code, concern Tencent big Shen network! Welcome to pay attention to the big Tencent Shen Wangwei letter (micro signal: dashenw)

沪上共享单车壮大 电动车遭剪线偷电瓶等人为破坏 共享单车日益壮大 电动车竟也遭破坏 共享单车可以说是时下非常时尚的一种出行方式,除“摩拜”等品牌外,一种叫“享骑”的电动自行车,也加入到共享单车的大家庭里面。不过,和摩拜一样,它也没能逃脱被盗窃、破坏的命运。“享骑”的电动自行车维修人员正在维修一些被认为破坏的车,这些车有的就是被人为私自上锁,就是公共的车子私用,就想每天自己一个人用,不想和大家分享。在享骑总部,几十辆从各个网点运来的电动自行车正在等待维修,有的座垫不见了,有的电瓶被偷走,有的电线被剪断,还有的二维码被破坏。维修人员说维修的话平均每天下来,一、二十辆,有5%差不多人为破坏的。享骑今年4月面世,先从闵行起步。相对摩拜等自行车解决最后一公里而言,它可以说能解决最后“十公里”。每小时使用下来平均费用2元。对于车子被破坏,一些用户也很愤慨。用户表示这种行为很可耻,特别没有道德。公共设施总归要比较爱护,因为大家都要用的嘛!运营方表示,其实每台车身都装有GPS芯片和4G网络芯片,可以清晰定位。在这张地图上,所有红色的点,就表示处于异常状况的车子。有的已远在宝山、金山等区,完全超出了使用范围。上海享骑电动车服务有限公司技术总监黄奇说:“最远宝山,嘉定那边,我们都去找过,还有些比较远的,可能有些都到安徽那边去了,我们就追不回来了,只能打电话报警。”明年,享骑将在全上海布点,投入超过20万辆电动自行车。面对部分用户的黑手,运营方也有对策。上海享骑电动车服务有限公司董事长助理赵远浩告诉看看新闻Knews记者:“比如说我们的电瓶锁要加固,电线要尽量埋在车里,不给你机会剪断, 轮胎全部换成实心胎。”》》》大申今日推荐:沪2017年城乡居民医保调整:继续加大政府投入力度申城天气晴暖带动“游园热” 下周气温跳水达℃沪上“年代秀饭堂”老板拖欠员工工资160余万获刑女子拿9张医保卡开药再高价转卖 累计金额16余万上海一男子吃油炸蚂蚱严重过敏呕吐险丢命》》》精彩视频:头发也能发财 印度寺庙专卖信徒头发每年赚1.6亿00后网上直播个人演唱会 翻唱周杰伦陈奕迅和王菲胡歌杨幂罕见同框说悄悄话 网友:“仙三”缺诗诗动动手指,随时查询交通违法! 扫一扫下方二维码,关注腾讯大申网! 欢迎关注腾讯大申网微信(微信号:dashenw)相关的主题文章:

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