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New skin care! Sohu BNT news in recent years, the cosmetics market has been changing rapidly, and the "blowout" development has appeared in 2016. The new product in 2016 is undoubtedly the most noteworthy topic in the skin care industry. Now let’s take a look at the 2016 new products. * Estee Lauder multi effect Jiyeon (ESTEE LAUDER Revitalizing Supreme Global cream Anti-Ageing Crè me) Estee Lauder launched the anti aging cream products rich in plant extracts. This silky cream product has left a deep impression. This cream can provide enough water for the skin, maintain the moisture of the skin for a long time, so that the skin to achieve the best state. * many months. Shes super vitality anti-aging cream (MOONLAB Super vital age-defying cream). Many months with Yan can make the skin become gold nano composition young and highly anticipated. The golden component of ultra fine particles absorbed by the skin not only can resist aging, but also can prevent all kinds of skin problems. Many months. Shes super vitality anti-aging creams can not only enhance the skin due to injury and loss of elasticity, but also supplement adequate nutrition for the skin, helps to make skin smooth and delicate. * Clinique (CLINIQUE) Dramatically different moisturizing cream, this is a moisturizing cream for dry skin. Apply the cream, can not only play on the effect of moisture, make skin moist and smooth, can form a layer of protective film on the surface of the skin, lock up more moisture. In addition, this mask is also suitable for weak dry skin or sensitive skin, so that the skin is more glorious and moving. Kiehl’s * (KIEHL ‘S) Super Multi Corrective Cream this is a launch by delaying Kiehl’s skin aging cream products, can solve a variety of skin problems, a listing will cause the attention of people. Whether can use the cream of day or night, evenly to the face after effective anti wrinkle, improve skin elasticity. Beam?? Li Longqiang Moonlab fan. Yan NextBT, ESTEE LAUDER, Estee Lauder CLINIQUE, Clinique KIEHL, S BNT DB BNT Kiehl’s news, news submission e-mail news@bntnews

新年护肤新品帮!那些令人眼前一亮的2016年新品-搜狐      bnt新闻讯 近几年来,化妆品市场日新月异,出现“井喷式”发展。2016年的新品无疑是护肤界最值得关注的话题。下面就让我们来盘点那些令人眼前一亮的2016年新品吧。   *雅诗兰黛多效智妍面霜(ESTEE LAUDER Revitalizing Supreme Global Anti-Ageing Crème)      雅诗兰黛推出了富含植物萃取物的抗老化面霜产品。这款有着丝滑般质感的面霜产品给人留下了深刻印象。   这款面霜能为肌肤补充充足的水分,长时间维持肌肤的水润感,令肌肤达到最佳状态。   *迷.妍月超级活力抗衰老面霜(MOONLAB Super vital age-defying cream)      迷.妍月凭借能令肌肤变年轻的纳米黄金成分而备受瞩目。这种易被肌肤吸收的超微粒子黄金成分,不仅能起到抗老化的功效,还能预防各种肌肤问题。   迷.妍月超级活力抗衰老面霜不仅能增强肌肤因损伤而失去的弹性,还能为肌肤补充充足的营养,有助于打造光滑细嫩的肌肤。   *倩碧(CLINIQUE)Dramatically different moisturizing cream      这是一款针对干燥性肌肤而推出的保湿面霜。涂抹该面霜后,不仅能起到集中保湿的功效,令肌肤水润光滑,还能在肌肤表面形成一层保护膜,锁住更多水分。   除此之外,这款面膜也适合弱干性肌肤或敏感性肌肤,令肌肤更加光彩动人。   *科颜氏(KIEHL’S)Super Multi Corrective Cream      这是一款由科颜氏推出的延缓肌肤老化的面霜产品,能一次性解决多种肌肤问题,一经上市便引起了人们的关注。   无论是白天还是夜晚都能使用该面霜,均匀涂抹于面部后能有效祛皱,提升肌肤的弹性。梁?? 李龙强 文 Moonlab 迷.妍月,NextBT,ESTEE LAUDER 雅诗兰黛,CLINIQUE 倩碧,KIEHL’S 科颜氏,bnt新闻DB 图   bnt新闻 投稿邮箱 news@bntnews相关的主题文章:

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