The automobile industry as the pinnacle of road rocket charming figure 一夜两日初体验

The automobile industry as the pinnacle of "road rocket" charming figure lead: super sports car, in addition to power system with high configuration, the body is also an important condition of streamline design with them. In order to speed up, various lightweight design and high-tech materials were applied to these "road Rockets", each of which represented the peak of the automotive industry at that time. (article source: YOKA men) pay attention to the public number, "tune with tune", see more wonderful original content! Spada Codatronca TS Spada Codatronca TS body resembles Batman car, designed by the famous designer Ercole Spada in Italy. His name may not be familiar to you, but the master has designed the famous Aston Martin DB4 and Alfa Romeo TZ these super sports cars. The performance of the TS Codatronca philosophy is a lightweight body of 1.36 tons, the Batmobile style allows it to always have a strong airflow through the body. Although Spada says it’s more like a car that has a lot of fun driving, its performance in speed is pretty good. Maximum horsepower of 630, 6500RPM, matching six speed gear ratio gearbox, 100 kilometers acceleration only 3.4 seconds, the speed can reach 340 kilometers per hour. Ferrari FXX with the experimental nature of Ferrari FXX is still the brand of the most advanced GT roadster. FXX’s charm lies not only in its strong horsepower and cool appearance, one equipped with real-time monitoring and remote sensing system provides advanced feedback and highlights, plus F1 star Schumacher was designed, the price of FXX about 13000000 will be not at all surprising. But innocent, you think you can buy it if you have money? FXX is more headstrong than you! Recognize people and don’t recognize money. Official certification, social influence and so on are all necessary conditions of purchase! Dodge Viper RT, don’t you know dodge? You must have heard of the viper! Yes, X Viper SRT10 in bovine Dodge is the car’s name is famous, the front of the Viper image makes people gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory. 1992 first generation Viper listed, will hit the car won the first prize in the history of the United States France Le Mans endurance event in the record, staged a reality version of "speed and passion", and the Viper beast image has thus established. Jaguar XJ220 is close to the horizontal roof line, making Jaguar XJ220’s resistance almost zero. The designer’s design goal seems to be clearly written on the car: speed! But unfortunately, although the pursuit of speed beyond 220 miles, the British car has failed to achieve, the world produced only 281 of the XJ220, the huge value of the collection.

汽车界巅峰之作 “公路火箭”的迷人身段   导语:超级跑车,除了拥有高配置的动力系统外,车身的流线设计也是让他们一马当先的重要条件。为了提高速度,各种轻量化设计和高科技材质被运用到这些“公路火箭”们的身上,每一辆都代表了那个时期的汽车工业巅峰。(文章来源:YOKA男士) 关注公众号“ 有腔有调”,查看更多精彩原创内容!   Spada Codatronca TS   Spada Codatronca TS车身酷似蝙蝠侠的座驾,由意大利著名设计师Ercole Spada所设计。他的名字你可能不熟悉,但是这位大师曾经设计过大名鼎鼎的阿斯顿?马丁DB4和阿尔法?罗密欧TZ这些超级跑车。   Codatronca TS的性能哲学堪称一绝,1.36吨的轻量化车身,蝙蝠车式的风格允许它随时拥有强劲的气流流经车身。虽然Spada说更期待它是一款极具驾驶乐趣的汽车,但其在速度方面的表现也相当优秀。   最大马力达到630匹,6500RPM,匹配六速密齿比变速箱,百公里加速仅仅用时3.4秒,极速可以达到340公里每小时。   法拉利FXX   带有实验性质的法拉利FXX至今都仍是品牌推出的最先进的GT跑车。FXX的魅力不仅在于它强劲的马力和炫酷的外型,搭载实时监控和提供反馈的高级遥感系统也是亮点之一,再加上F1巨星舒马赫操刀设计,FXX 1300多万的售价也就不足为奇了。   但天真的你以为只要有钱就能买到?FXX可是比你还任性!认人不认钱。官方认证、社会影响力等等都是必须的购买条件!   道奇 Viper RT   你不知道道奇?那你一定听说过蝰蛇!没错,道奇Viper SRT10的牛X之处就在于车款的名号响当当,车头的蝰蛇形象让人过目不忘。 1992年第一代Viper一上市,便创下了有史以来美国车在法国Le Mans耐久赛事中夺魁的记录,上演了现实版的“速度与激情”,而蝰蛇野兽般的形象也由此确立。 捷豹XJ220 几乎接近水平的车顶线条让捷豹XJ220的阻力几近为零,设计师的设计目标似乎清楚地写在车上:速度! 但遗憾的是,虽然一直在追求极速超越220英里,这款英伦跑车却最终没能实现,全球总共只生产了281部的XJ220,收藏价值巨大。相关的主题文章:

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