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Spring Festival Amoy goods, do not believe the health food "God efficacy" – Sohu Securities News Agency Harbin February 4th special news (reporter Zhang Yue, Yan Rui) Spring Festival approaching, Heilongjiang food and Drug Administration issued a reminder to the public, don’t believe in health food marketing publicity stunt. Health food has no disease prevention and treatment function, can not replace drugs, should be rational purchase, scientific food. At present, during the Spring Festival purchase season, many people who come home to visit are holding the idea of "sending food as health", and purchasing health food in supermarkets and shopping malls. In a large supermarket in Harbin, the citizens of Li Li looked at the wonderful and wonderful health food. Heilongjiang food and drug administration staff, the formal health food packaging will be marked blue sky shaped like "blue hat" special signs of health food, and marked with approval number. For health food imported from abroad, the name and address of the country or region of origin of the product and the registration of the agent in China shall be marked according to the regulations. Heilongjiang province food and Drug Administration warned that, in the purchase of health food, beware of businesses use the medical clinic, free medical, emotional marketing gimmick, exaggerating the role of health food. New Year approaching, the general public especially the elderly, more prevention, improve the discrimination, to ensure the health and property from damage. Authors: Zhang Yue, Yan Xin, Xinhua News Agency)

春节淘货,别轻信保健食品“神疗效”-搜狐证券   新华社哈尔滨2月4日专电(记者张玥、闫睿)春节临近,黑龙江省食药监局向市民发出提示,莫轻信保健食品营销宣传噱头。保健食品没有疾病预防、治疗功能,不能代替药物,要理性购买、科学食用。  眼下正值春节采购季,不少回家探亲的人抱着“送食品不如送健康”的想法,到超市、商场采购保健食品。在哈尔滨一家大型超市,市民李莉望着琳琅满目、疗效“出奇”的保健食品,不知所措。  黑龙江省食药监局工作人员介绍,正规保健食品的外包装会标出天蓝色形如“蓝帽子”的保健食品专用标志,并标注有批准文号。对于从国外进口的保健食品,按规定应标明产品的原产国家或地区、代理商在中国依法登记注册的名称和地址。  黑龙江省食药监局提醒说,在购买保健食品时,要谨防商家利用“名医义诊”、免费体检、情感推销等噱头,夸大保健食品作用。年关将至,广大市民尤其是老年人,要多加防范,提高辨别力,确保身体健康和财产不受损害。  作者:张玥 闫睿来源新华社)相关的主题文章:

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