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NDRC deployment to promote the traditional infrastructure field "PPP" – China News Agency, Beijing, August 30 (reporter Zhou Rui) China National Development and Reform Commission issued a document 30, said that China’s State Council has made clear the division of responsibilities between government and social capital cooperation (PPP) departments. Based on this, the national development and Reform Commission on the deployment of traditional infrastructure PPP related work. The national development and Reform Commission for development and reform department in conjunction with the relevant departments around the industry, really good infrastructure energy, transportation, water conservancy, environmental protection, agriculture, forestry and major municipal engineering and other fields to promote the work of PPP, to ensure that the decree, policy coordination, unified organization, high precision force. For the PPP work of the traditional infrastructure, the national development and Reform Commission to make many deployment, PPP project requires the country to establish a joint trial mechanism, actively introduce the third party evaluation mechanism, from the necessity of the project, compliance, planning, PPP model, financial burden and reasonable prices and fees etc. a comprehensive evaluation of the project. At the same time, the national development and Reform Commission stressed the need to establish a reasonable investment return mechanism, and actively explore a variety of optimization infrastructure project payment model, take the capital injection, direct investment, investment subsidy, loan interest, dividends, and government investment less equity dividend and other ways to support the implementation of the project, improve the social capital investment, enhancing the attractiveness of the project. The agency says it encourages social capital to innovate business models and institutional mechanisms to improve operational efficiency and reduce project costs. We should not only make the social capital get a reasonable return on investment, but also effectively prevent the government and users from paying too much burden. The national development and Reform Commission also requires all localities and financial institutions to strengthen cooperation docking, improve insurance funds and other investment mechanisms involved in the PPP project, encourage financial institutions to support infrastructure PPP project construction through a variety of ways, such as creditor’s rights, equity, asset support plan and other ways. National Development and Reform Commission said that in the process of promoting the PPP, will give all types of investors to participate in the fair opportunity to encourage and guide private enterprises, foreign-funded enterprises to participate in PPP projects. When choosing social capital, we should set reasonable bidding qualification and bid evaluation standard, eliminate hidden barriers, and ensure equal and fair competition. (end)

发改委部署推动传统基础设施领域“PPP”-中新网   中新社北京8月30日电 (记者 周锐)中国国家发改委30日发文表示,中国国务院已明确政府和社会资本合作(PPP)部门职责分工。基于此,国家发改委就做好传统基础设施PPP有关工作进行部署。   国家发改委要求各地发展改革部门会同有关行业主管部门,切实做好能源、交通运输、水利、环境保护、农业、林业以及重大市政工程等基础设施领域PPP推进工作,确保政令统一、政策协同、组织高效、精准发力。   对于传统基础设施领域PPP工作,国家发改委作出多方面部署,要求各地建立PPP项目联审机制,积极引入第三方评估机构,从项目建设的必要性、合规性、规划衔接性、PPP模式适用性、财务可负担性以及价格和收费的合理性等方面,对项目进行综合评估。   与此同时,国家发改委强调要建立合理投资回报机制,积极探索优化基础设施项目的多种付费模式,采取资本金注入、直接投资、投资补助、贷款贴息,以及政府投资股权少分红、不分红等多种方式支持项目实施,提高社会资本投资回报,增强项目吸引力。   该机构表示,鼓励社会资本创新商业模式及体制机制,提高运营效率,降低项目成本。既要使社会资本获得合理投资回报,也要有效防止政府和使用者负担过重。   国家发改委还要求各地与金融机构加强合作对接,完善保险资金等参与PPP项目的投资机制,鼓励金融机构通过债权、股权、资产支持计划等多种方式,支持基础设施PPP项目建设。   国家发改委表示,在推动PPP过程中,将给予各类投资主体公平参与机会,鼓励和引导民营企业、外资企业参与PPP项目。招标选择社会资本方时,要合理设定投标资格和评标标准,消除隐性壁垒,确保一视同仁、公平竞争。(完)相关的主题文章:

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