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Weak U.S. economic growth data – European stock shocks down FX168 news about European stock markets Thursday (February 4th) fell on the weak U.S. data – the world’s largest economy may slow economic growth concerns, export-oriented European auto stocks led declines, and Credit Suisse announced the annual loss, dragged down stock prices collapse. However, the commodity market is strengthening the mining stocks and oil stocks, limiting the decline of European stock markets. Ftseurofirst 300 index FTSEurofirst down 0.15%, to 1293.68 points intraday trading concussion; STOXX 600 index fell 0.2%, to 328.8 points. UBS (UBS) lowered the STOXX 600 index by 8% to 400 at the end of the year. Britain’s FTSE 100 closed up 1.06% at 5898.76 points, CAC France shares index rose 0.04%, at 4228.53 points. German DAX index fell 0.44%, to close at 9393.36 points. Thursday’s report, released by the Ministry of labour, the fourth quarter annualized nonfarm productivity fell by 3%, the biggest drop since the first quarter of 2014, in addition, last week, the U.S. jobless population growth rate than expected. The pressure on the dollar has intensified, and the dollar has weakened recently as expectations for further interest rates rise this year. According to Thomson Reuters StarMine data, published in the fourth quarter of the performance of STOXX 600 companies in the index, 52% of the profits of enterprises meet or exceed expectations, 48% less than expected. Credit Suisse fell 10.9%, the largest decline in the FTSEurofirst 300 Index constituent stocks. Credit Suisse announced its first annual loss since 2008, and its investment banking has suffered significant impairment losses under the new executive Tidjane Thiam. Export oriented auto stocks fell 2.7%, the second largest decline. The mining index rose 7.3% in September 2011 and recorded its biggest one-day gain, oil and gas stocks surged 3.3%, due to the decline of the dollar, the dollar denominated crude oil and metal investors holding other currencies cheaper. Holland International Group (ING) jumped 8.9%, is the largest increase in the FTSEurofirst 300 Index constituent stocks. The group announced a fourth quarter profit better than expected, as retail sales grew, and mortgage and its German business performed strongly. Proof: Jun bin into [shares] discuss Sina Finance

美国疲弱数据燃点经济成长担忧 欧股震荡收低   FX168讯 欧洲股市周四(2月4日)下跌,疲弱的美国数据燃点对全球最大经济体经济成长可能放缓的担忧,出口导向型的欧洲汽车股引领跌势,且瑞士信贷公布年度亏损,拖累股价崩跌。   不过,商品市场走坚提振矿业股和油股,限制欧洲股市的跌势。   泛欧绩优股FTSEurofirst 300指数收低0.15%,至1,293.68点,盘中交投震荡;STOXX 600指数下跌0.2%,至328.8点。瑞银集团(UBS)将STOXX 600指数年底目标下调8%,至400点。   英股富时100指数收涨1.06%,报5,898.76点,法股CAC指数收高0.04%,报4,228.53点。德国DAX指数下挫0.44%,收报9,393.36点。   周四出炉的报告中,劳工部公布,第四季非农生产力环比年率为下降3.0%,为2014年首季以来最大降幅,另外,上周美国初请失业金人口增幅超预期。   数据加剧美元面临的压力,随着今年美国进一步加息的预期减退,美元近期走软。   根据汤森路透StarMine数据,已公布第四季业绩的STOXX 600指数成份股企业中,52%的企业盈利符合或超过预期,48%不及预期。   瑞士信贷崩跌10.9%,是最大跌幅的FTSEurofirst 300指数成分股。瑞士信贷公布遭遇2008年以来的首次年度亏损,其投行业务在新执行长Tidjane Thiam执掌下发生大额减损支出。   以出口导向型的汽车股下挫2.7%,为跌幅第二大板块。   矿业指数劲升7.3%,录得2011年9月来最大单日涨幅,油气股急涨3.3%,因美元下跌,使以美元计价的原油和金属对持有其他货币的投资者来说更便宜。   荷兰国际集团(ING)跳涨8.9%,是升幅最大的FTSEurofirst 300指数成份股。该集团公布第四季获利优于预期,因零售业务增长,而且抵押贷款及其德国业务表现强劲。   校对:浚滨 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

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