Shanghai industry and commerce department thoroughly investigated bidding rank will pay searc 高级钻石硬币

Department of industry and Commerce in Shanghai thorough investigation of PPC   the paid search to sell goods or services for advertising — Finance — yesterday started the implementation of the Interim Measures for the administration of "Internet advertising", will sell goods or services paid search advertising is defined as, "PPC" really wearing a hoop. 1 reporter learned from Shanghai city Industrial and Commercial Bureau, because pay will not have the qualification of maternal and child health hospital medical advertising top to the forefront of the Shanghai industry and commerce departments suspected illegal advertising behavior of main advertising Shanghai Nanpu gynecology hospital, Anping hospital, and Baidu search, Sogou search advertising suspected of entirely review obligations, will together with the investigation. Shanghai city Industrial and Commercial Bureau through pre Paimo, yesterday morning found in Baidu, Sogou search engine input words "people" or "abortion", out of promotional advertising, promotion of maternal and child health hospital does not have the technical qualifications. This approach to the black hospital top, suspected of violating the advertising law and the "Internet advertising management Interim Measures". Shanghai city Industrial and Commercial Bureau advertising department deputy director Li Hua introduced, according to the provisions of the advertising law, measures for the administration of medical advertisements, release medical advertisements should advance by the administrative department of health for the advertising content review certificate. For the medical institutions which are not qualified, the health department will not allow them to issue advertisements containing the word "stream of people". Therefore, Sogou, Baidu and other search engines, the release of these ads, suspected of failing to review obligations. "In the past, whether the bidding rankings belong to advertising or not, there are different opinions among different regulatory authorities. Even if it is identified as advertising regulatory sites, but also because of jurisdiction issues, resulting in difficult to timely investigation of illegal advertising." Li Hua said that the new rules were clear regulation on the properties of PPC, and expand the scope of the jurisdiction, recognition of advertisers, advertising agents and advertisement publishers three, regulators either located, have jurisdiction over violations. With the rise of the self media, each of us has more positions to express ideas. We also note that the entrusted to the forwarding business propaganda phenomenon, such as in the WeChat circle of friends, by forwarding some commercial activities to obtain preferential contents, or directly by forwarding a reward. At this point, this natural person already has the identity of an advertising publisher. If the advertisement release illegal, this natural person also need to bear legal responsibility, so the natural person should content the authenticity of this kind of advertising has the ability to identify certain." Ying Jun, director of Advertising Bureau of Shanghai Municipal Bureau of industry and commerce. Shanghai industrial and commercial sectors, ranking in paid search advertising, more prone to false and misleading advertising behavior including maintenance, health care, tourism, education and training, study abroad intermediary and other fields, the next phase will focus on these areas, investigate and punish illegal advertising violations of the interests of consumers. According to Xinhua News Agency (commissioning editor: Qiao Xuefeng, Yang Xi) 上海工商部门严查竞价排名 将付费搜索推销商品或服务定为广告–财经–人民网   昨天开始施行的《互联网广告管理暂行办法》中,将付费搜索推销商品或服务定义为广告,为“竞价排名”真正戴上了紧箍。   记者1日从上海市工商局获悉,由于付费将不具备母婴保健技术资格医院的医疗广告顶至前列,上海工商部门对上海南浦妇科医院、安平医院等广告主涉嫌违法广告行为,以及百度搜索、搜狗搜索等广告发布者涉嫌未尽审查义务行为,将一并进行立案调查。   上海市工商局通过前期排摸,于昨天上午发现,在百度、搜狗等搜索引擎输入“人流”或“人工流产”字样时,跳出的推广广告中,一些推广的医院并不具备母婴保健技术资格。这种将黑医院顶至前列的做法,涉嫌违反广告法和《互联网广告管理暂行办法》。   上海市工商局广告处副处长李华介绍,根据广告法、医疗广告管理办法等规定,发布医疗广告应该事先由卫生行政部门对广告内容进行审查出证。对于上述不具备资格的医疗机构,卫生部门不会允许其发布含有“人流”字样的广告内容。因此,搜狗、百度等搜索引擎,发布这些广告,涉嫌未尽审查义务。   “过去对竞价排名是否属于广告,各地监管部门看法不一。即使是认定其为广告的监管地,也常因为管辖权问题,导致难以及时对违法广告进行查处。”李华说,此次的新规对竞价排名的性质进行了明确规制,并扩大管辖范围,认定广告主、广告经营者和广告发布者三者,任意一方所在地的监管部门,均对违法行为有管辖权。   “随着自媒体的兴起,我们每个人都有更多表达观点的阵地。我们也注意到,受委托去转发商业宣传的现象,比如在微信朋友圈,通过转发一些商业内容活动获得优惠,或者直接通过转发获得奖励。此时这个自然人,已经具备了广告发布者的身份。如果发布的这个广告内容违法,这个自然人同样需要承担一定的法律责任,因此自然人应该对这类广告的内容真实性有一定的鉴别能力。”上海市工商局广告处处长应钧说。   上海工商部门介绍,在付费搜索排名广告宣传中,比较容易发生虚假、误导广告行为的包括维修、医疗、旅游、教育培训、出国留学中介等领域,下一个阶段将围绕上述领域,依法查处侵犯消费者利益的违法广告。   据新华社 (责编:乔雪峰、杨曦)相关的主题文章:

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